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Our vision
  • Convergence: To simplify the applications on optical networks by converging the diverse technologies. The core research directions include: convergence of photonics and electronics, convergence of optics and wireless, convergence of circuit and packet, convergence of network and applications, etc.

  • High-Speed: Symbolizing by the multi-terabit optical switching and 100G Ethernet. The core research directions include: high-capacity optical switching, high-speed optical interface, physical layer control, high-speed interconnection, etc.

  • Intelligence: Based on generalized multi-protocol label switching (GMPLS) and automatically switched optical network, the core directions include: multi-layer optical network resource scheduling, optical grid, multi-service driven optical network, user owned optical network, optical multicasting, high reachable optical network, new applications on optical networks, etc.

  • Packetization: To achieve optical packet switching for the new generation networks, and to implement packet transport in current networks. The core research directions include: carrier Ethernet, transport MPLS, QoS guaranteed switching scheduling, IP/optical edge node, burst mode receivers, optical buffer, optical label, etc.
  • Our mission
    The mission of the FRONT group is to consolidate and extend its position as a well-known international center in the field of optical networking, by focusing on the trends of networking - CHIP (Convergence, High-speed, Intelligence, and Packetization), performing leading-edge research and development for future optical networks, building up top-ranking experimental testbeds, and making some impacts and achievements in the world.