Talk by C. Qiao on optical and wireless integration

时间:2008-5-15 上午9:00-10:00

Title: Optical and Wireless Integration for Access and Metro Networks

Presenter : Chunming Qiao, Professor, SUNY Buffalo

Overview : While fiber-optic technologies have been traditionally deployed
in backbone networks, they are also finding niche applications in the access
domain (e.g., in the form of Passive Optical Networks or PONs). Meanwhile,
RF-based wireless technologies have already changed the way we communicate,
and yet the demands for higher bandwidth, longer reach and better
interoperability remain strong. In this talk, I will briefly outline a
vision for an integrated system using both optics and wireless technologies
and discuss the cost benefit of such an integrated system based on a
combination of PON and WiMAX, for example, as well as its flexibility in
terms of resource allocation and load balancing among multiple "cells".

Short Bio: Dr. Chunming Qiao is a Professor at SUNY Buffalo where he directs
the Lab for Advanced Network Design, Analysis, and Research (LANDER). His
pioneering research on Optical Internet, in particular, the optical burst
switching (OBS) paradigm is internationally acclaimed. In addition, his work
on integrated cellular and ad hoc relaying systems (iCAR) is recognized as
the harbinger for today's convergence between heterogeneous wireless
technologies, and has been featured in BusinessWeek and Wireless Europe, as
well as at the websites of New Scientists and CBC. Dr. Qiao have given
several keynotes, tutorials and invited talks on the above research topics.
He is on the editorial board of several journals and magazines including
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN) and has chaired and co-chaired a
dozen of international conferences and workshops and currently chairs the
IEEE Technical Committee on High Speed Networks (HSN) and also a
Subcommittee on Integrated Fiber and Wireless Technologies (FiWi).

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