FRONT award recipient: 义理林

Awarded at: 2008-02-01
Lilin Yi joined the state key lab of advanced communication and networks in Sep. 2004, as the PhD student of Prof. Weisheng Hu. His research topic is the key technologies in optical packet switching network, including all-optical gain-clamped EDFA, ultra-fast wavelength conversion, all optical reconfigurable logic gate, ultra-fast optical switch and fiber nonlinearities (optical parametric amplification and stimulated Brillouin scattering) based slow light. In recent one year, he focused his energy on Stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) based slow light for high bit-rate data, which is mainly used for packet synchronization and potential optical buffer for 10-Gb/s data.

· Propose a new technique for controlling the Brillouin gain profile
· Supress Rayleigh backscattering noise using a narrow band FBG
· Error-free delay of 10-Gb/s NRZ signal in SBS based slow light has been demonstrated for the first time
- The maximal error-free delay: 35ps
- The corresponding power penalty: ~8dB
· The delay performance of 10-Gb/s PSBT is much better than the NRZ case owing to its high spectral efficiency and strong dispersion-tolerance
- The maximal error-free time delay: 51 ps
- The corresponding power-penalty: ~ 4dB
· DPSK signal can be simultaneously demodulated and delayed by Gaussian shaped SBS gain
- The maximal error-free time delay: 81.5ps
- The power-penalty compared with the optimal sensitivity: ~ 4dB
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